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Gold Leaf Capital Partners Featured in Crain's Chicago Business

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Jeffrey Wright, CEO of Gold Leaf Capital Partner who recently graduated from The Harvard Kennedy School after being a leader in commercial banking for more than 10 years, examines the complexities of how "The need to have money to make money", acts as a filter that blocks the potential of Black and Brown money managers to thrive.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Everyone knows the Catch-22: It’s hard to get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. Something similar exists in the private equity industry, but on a bigger scale: To be able to raise equity, you need a track record of buying and exiting companies, which requires, well, raising equity. Unfortunately, the ways to get around that conundrum tend to lock out Black and Brown money managers, making private equity one of the most inequitable corners of an already inequitable financial services industry.”
Although our article titled "Want to close the generational wealth gap? Invest in minority-owned private-equity firms." might unsettle traditional financiers that manage capital on behalf of institutions, pension funds, endowments and investment consultants, this is a issue that needs to be discussed in the broader market.

The complete article can be found here. Click here to speak with Jeffrey Wright, CEO and Founder of Gold Leaf Capital Partners.

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