Advisory Services

A focused set of value-added advisory services

Capital Markets Advisory

  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I) term loans and lines of credit
  • Commercial Real Estate loans
  • Subscription Credit Facility placement· Conventional banking and alternative lending relationships
  • Understanding and navigating the Small Business Administration (SBA) lending process
  • Underwriting and structuring transactions

CFO Advisory

  • Determine capital needs and develop strategic plans for obtaining necessary capital
  • Review and analysis of company financial statements, key ratios and performance metrics
  • Strategic planning and forecasting for business growth
  • New business or venture plan review, analysis and thorough feedback

Commercial Real Estate Advisory

  • Create an investment thesis based on investor risk tolerance, goals and capital access
  • Identify investment real estate opportunities, realtors, contractors, and property managers to build your portfolio
  • For rehab projects: Construct and update an editable construction budget to forecast the costs, profitability, equity requirement, cash on cash return, and debt assumptions
  • Construction and update pro forma cash flow displaying “downside scenario” for the investment strategy
  • Strategically solicit banking partners
  • Vet and negotiate debt options with above mentioned banking partners
  • Secure competitive debt options
  • Evaluate equity partners
  • Usher deal through loan underwriting, approval, and closing process Includes but not limited to
  1. providing bank with proper information
  2. participating on underwriting calls to answer bank questions
  3. participating on closing calls as necessary
  4. review loan documentation along with counsel
  5. review closing statements for accuracy
  • Work with bank to facilitate monthly draw process Includes but not limited to
  1. obtain proper lien waivers for draws
  2. ensure loan is in balance and in accordance with approval
  3. work with bank to ensure draw is funded in timely fashion